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Zimbabwe power shortage attracts solar power investment

Faced with a punishing load shedding schedule, sometimes lasting 15 hours, the Zimbabwean renewable energy market has opened limited prospects.The prolonged phase, ignited by a recent drought, adversely limiting its Kariba hydro power generation is chocking vital economic operations.The latest Energy Progress Report found out that about 840 million people (about 11 percent of the

Prevent solar panel theft

Zimbabwe’s drive for green and renewable energy has pushed for the growth of the off-grid energy sector over the last decade.This has been one of Zimbabwe’s social and economic success stories, which is transforming lives overnight by bringing power to low-income households and small businesses, reaching remote areas with little prospect of ever being connected

Solar System Troubleshooting

Properly configured solar system should not give you any challenges if the power is managed accordingly.It is important to know the duration  of your battery bank  with your full load and manage it as well.Reasons that normally cause a solar system to cut off are; Insufficient charging of the battery bank during the day This