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Solar System Troubleshooting

Properly configured solar system should not give you any challenges if the power is managed accordingly.It is important to know the duration  of your battery bank  with your full load and manage it as well.Reasons that normally cause a solar system to cut off are;

Insufficient charging of the battery bank during the day

This happens when  you do not have enough panels to charge your battery bank and at the same time more power will be used during the day by the connected appliances,during cloudy day it is important to switch of other appliances not important to enable the panels to charge the battery bank to full capacity.

Damaged battery bank

All batteries have got a life span ,however when the battery is no longer  in good condition it wont be able to store power for a longer period ,In some cases where the battery bank has  one  damaged  battery it affects the whole battery bank charging system and the ability to store power.

The solar panel is defective or damaged.

Although solar panels have got a very longer life span they may be damaged by natural causes like lighting. When the solar panel is in the sun, the solar panel current is not close to its maximum output current this means it is defective and wont be able to charge the battery bank.They are more things that may cause a solar system to cut off but the above mentioned are the most common problems faced by many..Kindly contact us if you are having a problem with your solar system we will be glad to come and assess then give you the best solution. We have the most reliable solar equipment and installation services.